It’s been ages, but I’ve been busy since 2014. Helped launch a radio station, which you can find here: WERA-LP and I have a weekly radio show. I hope to finally dust off this site and get it to where it needs to be. Lots to clean up, but in the meantime, why not listen […]

SXSW 2014

Due to a series of events, I haven’t had a chance to do the usual research in preparation for my time here in Austin. I haven’t taken the time to keep the blog current. But here I am in Austin, TX again for SXSW. I know I say it every year since I’ve been attending, […]

SXSW recovery

Greetings dear friends! While I’ve been neglecting my poor site for so long, I am planning a major overhaul and renewed enthusiasm for it. I’m in the process of recovering and catching up from my annual visit to Austin for SXSW. Not only must I recover myself, but I’ve a ton of things to capture […]

Three Blind Wolves

In November 2011, Three Blind Wolves were in the US for the first time. They were kind enough to sit with us for a few songs before their gig in the North Star Bar Victorian Dining Room. The Philadelphia date was added at the last minute and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity […]

Top Music of 2010

I’ve wanted to post this for some time, but kept forgetting to do so. I think I’ve been avoiding it because I usually write up a little bit about each Top 10 record at the very least. I’ll have to add it later as I’m still not in a mindset to write it up! I […]

Don’t Look Back

The Star Signs-Don’t Look Back now downloadable from Soundcloud in mp3 or wav: Mick Chorba, Jim Becker, Rob Martin, Lauree McArdle, Ron Bechamps & John Williams (the *band* name was Jim’s idea, to keep it TFC related) created for the Teenage Fanclub Message Board tribute 40 Million Seconds-The Long Road to TFC Featuring members of […]

Sweet Days Waiting

Just over two weeks ago I was on my way to surgery at Sibley hospital. It was decided it would be best for my Mom & I to drive out to Ashburn to stay with my Aunt Linda during the time I’d be recovering from the surgery while my Mom was in Virginia. We drove […]