you know, sometimes I underestimate myself A LOT.

tonight I was at a panel discussion for how to get radio airplay sponsored by the Washington Area Musician’s Association.

I know more than I allow myself to realize.

Despite this, I’m glad I was there, as it helped me focus on some things. Granted it’s all to help out Carroway or any band that lets me, actually. I made some contacts, I created yet another plan to direct marketing and promotion focus to a million things. I can’t sleep now as my mind is aflutter with the possibilities. I must force myself to remain grounded though, as I tend to dream, dream, dream.

After the panel was the start of Arlington Music Scene’s Six Points Festival, I could only really stay for J.P. McDermott and Western Bop which was very cool since I’ve never seen them before. Totally made me think of Ms. Amy Lee Spano as she would be drinkin’, and dancin’ to these boys in one of her fine vintage dresses. In fact, it makes me think back fondly to one particular warm summer day many years ago, where Amy and I, got dressed up in some dresses, threw on a bit of makeup, oh so hip sunglasses and went off for a spin in one of her cars (I can’t remember which one.) through Atlantic City. We were on our way to an evening homebrew party in Ventnor, the sun was just starting to set. We were armed with AM radio and a pack of Lucky Strikes between us. We were so giddy and girlie it was a blast!

Now I gotta get some sleep….

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