I am beginning to have a legitimate concern about a potential future soul mate. Granted, I’ve mistakenly thought Harrison Ford was it when I was about 9 years old or something like that. But realistically speaking I should be concerned. Nevermind the fact I’ve been single approximately 90% of my entire existence, and I’m not complaining all too much about it. The truth is, I’ve determined that whomever I find to be THE one, he’ll have to be somewhat musically skilled. The old saying ‘never date a musician’ doesn’t fly with me, because the truth is, I doubt any guy who ISN’T a musician would tolerate my musical obsession. Someone who’d understand me and how music permeates every living molecule in my body would be for me.

I know lots of musicians, lots of bands, only a few guys from them are ‘available’ anymore. But not even this is my dilemma. Hypothetically, my problem lies within the concern that what if I find a guy, we get along great, he’s got a band, writes songs, etc. and I find out that I don’t like his music?! His band sucks?! He can’t really sing?! You get the idea! What does one do THEN?!

It would be a pretty tough decision but I think I’d have to pull the ‘we can be friends’ line.

Thankfully, I’m not in this situation, and I hope I never have to be. But just in case, I’ll make it a point not to get too attached to any guy until I hear his band/music first!!!

here’s hoping that my boy will be in a kick ass band that I love.

rock on……

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