Tonight we managed to surprise Scott with cake on stage at the Carroway show. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure how he’d react and the whole logistics of it all. very stressful evening tonight was. I was a bit reluctant to help out with Mike’s plan, but he asked. I took my lunch break to go to the supermarket and get a cake. This included a phone conversation with Mike while standing in the supermarket bakery.

I wasn’t sure what to put on it but my mind ran with ideas from the get-go, and included some red food dye ‘blood’ drizzling down the side ala ‘Salem Serial Killer’ (an inside joke.) I decided to just go with my instincts and decorate away!

Coordinating with the bartenders, and getting the cake ready, candles lit, and successfully getting it safely to the stage were a whole other story. I was insanely and nervously shaking while carrying it and the whole time it was really surreal.

On top of that, I was nervous about helping the guys out with sound while a former band member, Mark was there, knowing how things should be. It was a team effort and they sounded great, better than any other band that night. I barely remember what songs they played.

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