I went to NJ this weekend for the tribute cd release party for:

WHO’S Not Forgotten-A Tribute to the WHO

on Face Down Records

I got to visit with my friends, Laverne and Charlie too who enjoyed the sets from Cordalene, The Commons, The Dipsomaniacs, and Taggart.

I was sort of a surprise special guest, and Laverne commented as we drove home after the show, that ‘You know lots of boys in bands.’ well, yes, I do and I don’t think that is a bad thing AT ALL!!!

Cordalene was fresh off a weeklong tour that included a SXSW showcase and it showed! You could tell they played alot in the last 10 days or so, because their set was tight and dead on for the most part.

It was the first time I saw The Commons and they were fun, and had what I call hippie girl dancers who don’t quite dance to the music that *WE’RE* listening to! I also have to admit that ‘Squeeze Box’ isn’t the same unless Carroway is covering it.

The Dipsomaniacs prepared an entire WHO set and it ROCKED!!!! Windmills galore and it was incredible.

Taggart did the same and you could tell they rehearsed it as they had easily transitioned from song to song, and it sounded soooooooooo good!! I’m glad I could be there for the show.

The rest of the weekend, I just hung out at Laverne and Charlie’s place, we saw ”Jersey Girl” at a Saturday afternoon and I’m glad I saw it in Jersey. It made me miss my home and the ocean and all the good stuff about NJ. I’ll admit it’s not Kevin Smith’s best film, but it was cute and charming and just a good movie to make you thankful for what you have and the people you can share it with.

Later, we watched “Gothika” and it SUCKED! It was drab and boring and drug on. Oddly enough, both movies featured music from The WHO!

now I’m debating whether or not I’ll so see the show at IOTA tonight.

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