such a long ass shoot today but I think we’re doing ok and getting what we need to get. I forgot sunscreen on the backs of my calves and as a result am severely burned. silly me.

despite exhaustion, I made it over to Mike and Scott’s party. A little later than I planned and I didn’t expect so many people to be there. I really felt out of place and wanted to leave, but I figured my alternative was to sit home alone like I normally do unless I go out to a see a band. I think I did ok with the party thing although I find it easier to be in a room full of strangers watching a band as opposed to pretty much the same thing at a party. I dunno. feeling anti-social I suppose.

I almost left 5 times, but ended up being the last to leave. weird. but that was partly due to the mix of a beer or two, a glass of wine and complete exhaustion. I guess I wanted to make sure I was ok to drive. But then I f elt silly and overstayed my welcome a little…at least in my mind.

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