just got in a bit ago from seeing the second of three Carroway shows of this week.

last night at Jammin Java was good to see the full band plus keys.

tonight just Scott and Mike. I had second thoughts about going, but I’ve never been to the grog and tankard so I figure it’s easier to go some place alone when you know you will at least know one or two people who will talk to you for a little while at least.

my nights of insomnia have been getting to me. when I do sleep, I have recurring dreams that are mildly disturbing.

since I do lie awake a lot, I’ve been constantly singing Scott’s song about lying awake at night. however, the subject matter of his song has

absolutely NOTHING to do with my reasons for lying awake.

I don’t have an ex-boyfriend that I miss and wish were there next to me,

maybe it would be easier if I did. at least I would know why I’m lying awake.

a beautiful full moon is shining tonight in a crystal clear sky full of a million stars…

I drove a longer way home to enjoy the night air a while more.

back home in jersey, I used to take long drives on nights like this, just listening to music and thinking.

I don’t really feel at home here, so I’ll probably lie awake again tonight thinking.

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