I saw my great friend, McGowan at Galaxy Hut here in arlington. It’s always good to see

him and nice for him to focus on his own music a little bit after spending time touring and recording with Ben Lee. he’s got some great new stuff!

I was also extremely and pleasantly surprised at the

set from Naked Puritans who also performed! They’re

based out of Charlottesville, VA and I couldn’t quite

place their sound…maybe a teensy bit sneetches, then

a lot more Wild Carnation/Feelies, maybe a smattering

of Versus and Unrest?! at any rate, they definitely

got a bit o’ teenbeat sound going on and were

refreshingly fun. sometimes the unexpected shows are

the best. seems like they’ve been around for a bit,

and tour up and down the east coast. normally, I’d

wonder how they haven’t shown up on my radar, but I’m

poor and can only afford the free shows much anymore

(galaxy hut is free).


and see what mcgowan is up to here:


it’s always great to see some of my old friends, and

McGowan was no exception, esp. when he played my

request of his version of ‘Sexy Sadie.’

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