100,000 Fireflies

ok, so maybe it’s just a hundred or so, but after the past three days of draggin’ myself to work and sittin’ in traffic both morning and evening (I estimate approx. 10-15 hours a week alone just sitting in my

car in traffic) to and from my job where I sit all day waiting for something to do (yes, I basically have a government office job). the same routine each day and night…

luckily, I have a new-ish housemate, Holly, who’s a smoker (among many cool things) and spends a lot of time on our screened-in back porch, smoking and drinking wine. She calls us out there tonight to get

a view of the fireflies….

it’s amazing…it’s like a stadium when all the camera flashes are going off. if I could find a way to show

y’all in a picture, I would. go get yourself a copy of the kid’s book, “A Very Lonely Firefly” and imagine

the last page of it at least 50 times that. in the meantime, you’ll just have to come over and

see for yourself. I could sit here for hours watching them.

I’m listening to Superchunk’s version of “100,000 Fireflies” since I don’t have the Magnetic Fields

original version. it’s even more interesting since a portion of the lyrics totally match my mood.

‘…..and miss the coastal town…’

by the way, do you know how happy I am that the damn cicadas are gone? I’ll take 100,000 fireflies over the 1,000 or so cicadas we had in our yard ANY DAY!

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