music will save my life

I still haven’t recovered from two nights of rock n roll.

was out at Galaxy Hut on Monday to see The Vestals and Grand Champeen. I hadn’t known about the Vestals until I found out they were playing this show. I checked out some MP3s and both recorded and live were a lot of fun.

Grand Champeen I knew about but never really had the chance to see them before…I’m so glad I could be there and didn’t sit at home all depressed and what not. Because no matter how crappy things are, music can take your mood to different places. thanks to Adam I indulged in a bottle of Bud, despite feeling sick to my stomach!!! but beer and rock must cure what ails me because I had so much fun.

so much so that I wanted to try and find a way to get to the show the next night in baltimore when GC played with The Bigger Lovers. thanks to Tom, I was able to do just that!

Even with almost falling asleep driving home late tuesday night into wed morning, I managed to drag myself to work with less than 5 hours sleep.

damn, I miss the rock n roll lifestyle!

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