i should be sleeping…..

I’m really not sure how I can possibly be awake. the last 60 hours or so have been exhausting. when I left arlington approximately 49 hours ago, the station wasn’t broadcasting properly. I returned this evening to find a similiar issue. just after 8pm, I was preparing to go to bed. THAT’s how tired I am! 8pm on a fuckin’ friday night. anyhow, I had this feeling I should check to make sure programming was up and running. of course, black screen, dead air, nada, absolutely nothing. apparently our server computer hates me and nothing I can do to make it like me works.

Actually, it’s more likely that these new upgrades we got last week just aren’t happy. You see there’s two computers that need my love, one in the playback room and the other in my office. They’re supposed to talk to one another, get along with each other. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t make them talk! somehow I see this as a larger metaphor for what’s going on in lauree’s world. it’s some higher cosmic thing telling me that things aren’t going to work out unless clear and simple instructions are included. I just want them to connect a be happy as one working network! it really can’t be that hard, but apparently it is at the moment.

I think part of the reason I can’t sleep, is that the cold weather is arriving. the REALLY cold weather. that and the fact of the new sheets on my bed are blue. in fact, every linen on my bed is blue, even the electric blanket (cranked up to H for HOT aka High) is blue, the pjs I’m wearing are blue….maybe I should choose some warmer colors….

I’m hoping Nick Drake can lull me to sleep…..I started with the ‘Time of No Reply’ cd of rarities, fitting for the previous discussion of lack of communication above, but now I’ve moved onto the ‘Pink Moon’ album……

he sings of the Pink Moon, but there’s a lovely bright white full moon out tonight. if Nick can’t do it, then I’m moving onto Chet Baker, and I’ll just have to take myself back to Montreal december ’95 and that absolutely yummy late afternoon/early evening nap I had in Evan’s 90 degree apartment while it consistently snowed outside for hours. falling asleep to Jeremy’s new Chet cd and reveling in how warm the building-controlled heat was.

I think that was the best sleep I’ve ever had………

sometimes a thinking mind just can not rest no matter how hard it tries.

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