spinning and weaving

and riding this rollercoaster ride of my twisted mind.

I’ve probably thought of a million things to write here in the last 24 hours. actually, I have a million thoughts in my head at any given moment.

I once wrote that in a letter I wrote to James Herbert, art professor and filmmaker in Athens, GA. yes, there’s a definite R.E.M. connection. that’s a whole other story, but I did find myself picking up an 8mm film camera this morning courtesy of freecycle! a brilliant idea I might add. I must collect my projectors and cameras from the parents’ house next time I’m home.

I had a dream friday night, quite vividly of a snake. a python perhaps…I’m not sure but it definitely was a constrictor type snake. I’m fairly certain python would be it, but I’m no expert on reptiles.

no matter, this python was a beautiful iridescent turquoise & black python. coiled perfectly and simply circling the base of a tree outside my back window. it wasn’t coming after me, but when I went to look closer and put my face to the window, it was facing me in the window.

I think there are two main reasons I had this dream:

1: I watched the newest harry potter movie thanksgiving day with Abbie, and maybe in my dream I was like Harry Potter and speak Parseltongue….although I didn’t speak in the dream.

2: On Friday afternoon, before I left my parents’ house, I had skimmed through a sunday school book my Mom had and happened to glance a quick read of the Creation and Garden of Eden sections.

one dream book I have mentions that dreaming of a snake is symbolic of dreaming of the devil.

my housemate holly thinks I simply need some ‘action’……

I dream in color, I dream in camera angles and most of them can be created into short films. they’d be freaky and hell I’d have quite a collection.

I should’ve gone to sleep ages ago, but I turned the computer back on to write this, got sidetracked to go out in the living room to my bookshelf and after telling Holly my dream, she read tarot cards for me. very interesting…….

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