The MUPPETS!!!!!!

Since I’m still dealing with technical issues at work, my day consisted of standard studio fare, making sure all things are running smoothly, etc. It was a strangely busy morning as we had a production in the studio, a class shooting their final project in the conference room, and a van shoot. I’m not used to so many people so early!

I digress…..

has been my site of the day. there’s even a muppet central radio station! 🙂

I originally was going to drive up to Philly tonight to see IKE for their last full band show of ’04, but decided to stay home and relax and rest. I’m doing some holiday decorating and got out my vinyl copy of The Muppet Movie soundtrack. “the rainbow connection’ and ‘movin’ right along’ aren’t exactly holiday songs, but it’s working for me!

between being a hockey fan since birth and the lyrics of “Movin’ Right Along’ I’ve always known how to say Saskatchewan!

My Sesame Street ornaments, finally after 7 years (yikes! it’s been THAT long?!) are free from their plastic bags and price tags, and are hanging on the tree Janice bought a few weeks ago. We also have christmas lights everywhere. I wonder if I can convince Janice and Holly to let me leave them up year round?!

I’ve got to find the episode from my opening scene extra role on Sesame Street. I know I have it on one of the 100 or so VHS tapes downstairs in the basement….of course, most of ’em aren’t labeled!

oooh, I see that ‘So I Married an Ax Murderer’ is on tonight….haven’t seen it since it was in the theatre!!!! not exactly a holiday movie, but if I can’t have Emmet Otter…..

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