back in VA

but only because I have to work a few days.

Christmas was hectic and I decided to relive my childhood by doing what i did best at Christmas: be sick. it’s so much easier to vomit when you’re drunk or hungover, because you know exactly why it’s happening. getting sick when you’re not sure why, simply sucks. needless to say, a bunch o’ people didn’t get a holiday visit from me.

Things I DID enjoy from the long weekend: getting to see the entire family, with the exception of my Great Aunt Vi who was homebound probably with the same illness I ended up with. All the kids have grown and are so fun to be around and are adorable of course.

I also have come to the realization that the more times I go home to jersey or philly, the more I miss being there.

here’s hoping I can eat more than toast tomorrow.

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