thankful for painkillers

car accidents suck big time. I’ve become a strong supporter of wearing seat belts. not that I didn’t wear ’em before, but now I think I will plan to make others wear ’em too, if they’re riding in my car.

I’ve spent the last week recovering from injuries that I liken to having a cinder block dropped on my chest. I even have some bruises that aren’t very sexy to be having on my chest either. The only decent thing to come out of this mess is that my doctor has set me up with prescriptions to help me deal with the weird pains that keep cropping up.

what sucks most is that my independent nature has been squashed and forced to rely on others at times and the nervousness I have in getting behind the wheel to drive again. I HATE that the most. It’s not only because it’s painful to drive with the seat belt right where the one in my car restrained me so much that it hurts so, but I fear it might just happen all over again. I don’t trust anyone to actually stop at a stop sign. and to top it off, driving has been my saving grace the past few months as I’ve been visiting old stomping grounds in NJ and Philly, mostly to escape what’s lacking for me here in Arlington: friends to hang with, people I know and can have fun with. very rarely does anyone make it down here to see me, so I must go see them, but I can’t. I only have a rental car for the time being.

lastly, I’m thankful for the percocet and flexiril to help me deal with the mushy-ness of this hallmark holiday, when those that truly love one another should say so every moment they are together instead of one silly day.

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