not enough hours in the day

been entirely too busy lately, but not for anything really good. between the car accident and being very sick, the energy has been sucked out of me completely. I’ve been lucky just to drag myself out of bed to get to work.

while I will probably never believe that anyone will ever stop at a red light or stop sign EVER again, at least I’m finally starting to feel a little more comfortable driving a car again.

dealing with the insurance company, toyota financial services for the car loan, and all the other bullshit. as if I asked to get hit by another car…..

seriously, what do I have to do to get things going my way a little? for the most part, I know things aren’t that bad and I’m pretty fortunate for what I have, but over the years, it just hasn’t let up much.

side note: the title of this entry is something I have been saying a lot lately and always immediately gets me started singing my great friends’ Bastards of Melody song of similar name, “Ain’t Enough Hours in the Day”

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