rolling with the tides

lately, I’ve been thinking of the ebb and flow of how people come and go in our lives. I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts on this, but I’ve been preoccupied with many things. sleeping, working, trying to organize many aspects of my life. and prepare for Ireland. I know, no sympathies toward me, I’m going away, but this journey will most certainly make me ponder those who used to be a big part of my everyday life or just simply a part of it.

I suppose life just gets in the way and for whatever reason, we lose contact. despite this, it doesn’t stop me from wondering what some of those people are doing. I tend to be the one to try and keep up the contact, but every so often I get caught up in whatever it is that gets me to this point and I just sorta disappear. Not completely, but sometimes I’m almost there.

I once bought a huge wall map of the world in order to put things in perspective for me. at contemplative times like this, pondering my place in the world I think of a lyric from Pavement: ‘I’m an island of such great complexity’

I’m probably not making much sense. I’m exhausted, and it’s only 12:30am. sleep I must as work calls my name tomorrow.

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