sleepy me

I’m at work but I’m barely awake.

could NOT sleep at all last night. my mind racing. I watched some tv. then I turned that off and decided on a cd, since I was home alone and didn’t have to worry about it being too loud.

I listened to some old Crooked Fingers, since I had talked about them on Postcard. Many fellow Postcarders at SXSW reporting back on events there.

Crooked Fingers wasn’t working after awhile, as songs like “Sad Love” and “broken man” which are both amazingly beautiful, are also very sad songs.

I moved on to some Chet Baker, but after awhile I just shut it all off. and tried to sleep that way. usually I need some sort of distraction from my silly mind that never seems to stop thinking.

no matter, I am pleased to say that I somehow managed to get all I needed to get done here at work before I go away and I still have all of today to finish up! granted, I have a few things to do, but really minor things to finish. how I managed to get ahead is absolutely beyond me.

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