all i have to do is dream

I meant to post this the other day, which would be Friday since the dream was thursday night into friday morning.

a benedryl induced sleep (thanks to my cold) resulted in a dream that I was at an Aerosmith concert with Becker where Walker and Mark also showed up, I think. But despite having never been to an Aerosmith concert, that’s where we were, when none other than Evan Dando appeared on stage and started singing “If I could talk I’d tell You” while Aerosmith played the song.

yes, I am strange.
funny thing is that this dream is pretty standard for me.

about two weeks ago my dream involved me seeing R.E.M. at an elementary school on the cafeteria stage in small town somewhere in the middle of nowhere. michael stipe kept laughing and smiling at me since I was the only person there who wasn’t a teacher or student and was actually a fan of the band. some of the kids knew the songs though. Peter Buck gave me three orange guitar picks.

anyone care to analyze these?!

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