just a loose screw!

just a loose screw!
Originally uploaded by Lauree.

a few months ago, I had a dental implant attached to my lower jaw to replace two molars I lost due to decay many years ago. This morning I had to get myself up in the wee hours of the morning (I am so NOT a morning person) for an emergency visit to the dentist. I’ve been in a bit of pain the last day or two and my gum is all swollen, etc. I was a little concerned when my dentist wasn’t sure what to do, because the implant is fine as seen here in the photo of the computer screen x-ray I snapped while they went to work on another patient.

It turns out that after he numbed me up, and got a closer look inside, the screw holding the implant in place was loose!!!

I always knew I had some loose screws but….

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