bathing beauty

bathing beauty
Originally uploaded by Lauree.

Since summer is over and I haven’t really been able to do much that is summer-like, I thought I’d post this old school photo of me in my Grandparent’s swimming pool in Florida. probably 1976, which would make me 4 years old. It could’ve been a year earlier or later too. I am not sure.

At any rate, I’ve been really busy with work, and have been wrought with many emotions on many things, including the disaster that Katrina has set on the Gulf Coast. My Grandparents lived on the Gulf Coast in FL, and I have memories of the beach in New Port Richey, FL when I was a wee one.

It is my hope that those who lost their lives in Katrina, rest in peace, and those who’ve survived will find the strength and courage to persevere through the struggles that lie ahead.

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