ebb and flow

lately, I’ve been seriously thinking about the ebb and flow of people in life. Why do we associate ourselves with some and not with others? Some people are more involved in the every day life, simply by birth. We are connected by familial ties and that significance can’t be denied. I am fortunate that despite some faults, my family is pretty much close to one another as we can be. I am thankful for that, but I can’t help but wonder as to the curious aspect of how people connect to one another and at some points in time seem so close and at others they seem so far away.

It’s in those far away moments where I simply feel as though I’m a ghost, lurking in the background unnoticed. Yet it’s always an extreme thing for me. I’m either consistently in the middle of it all, always “being around” or I’m consistently out of the picture. Oddly enough, I feel the same either way, and it takes less effort to be out of the picture.

the balancing act is tiresome….

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