Originally uploaded by rev_bri.

Brian took this picture of me directing/TD-ing (aka technical directing) in our van for the Operation Ceasefire concert on the Mall 9/24. It was about 1:30am or so, all of us were fried, especially those who had been there since before dawn, and almost a 24 hour session. I only put in about 12 hours at the Mall and another 7 before that in the “luxury” of my office at the studio (someone had to be there!!)

At any rate, I wasn’t too keen on my capabilities directing or TD’ing even with a fresh start, and in the wee hours I was considerably less confident in my skills, but upon looking at the footage of Le Tigre in the aftermath, it didn’t look TOO bad.

wish I could say the same about me! If I ever get myself to sleep tonight, the first thing I’m going to do in the morning is go to the gym. wow I look like shit and feel it too. that’s what happens when you eat fast food and candy….a lot

stress sucks.

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