wilson blvd

wilson blvd
Originally uploaded by Lauree.

I took this photo on the way to turn the corner on danville street to get my car from work.

I headed out to a pub I’ve never been to, for a presentation/discussion
on the ongoing Irish peace process. I’m always a bit hesitant to head
out on my own, but I figured it wouldn’t kill me to take an adventure.
at any rate, I arrive just in time, order up a pint and watch the
film and listen to the speaker. I consider ordering some dinner, but
sort of forget. afterward, I meet some new people and in that process
start talking about atlantic city, my old stompin’ grounds and a wee
mere mention of darts.

next thing I know, I’m joined up as an
alternate for the home darts team, amongst 6 boys, without having
thrown a dart in about 2 years. all because I was overheard talking about
darts! despite being concerned about suckin’ big time, I manage to
hold my own on both games of 301 I still lost but hey? I also keep us relatively alive by hitting a few bulls in 2 games of cricket (which we still lost), and
then help us win the final game of 501.

bonus: I managed to make the last train home. trouble is, this pub,
Flanagan’s is closing next sunday and it’s a haul in Bethesda. no matter, they’ve opened a new one around the corner. I’ve been invited to the closing party, and to next wednesday’s darts.

talk about a strange night. It would’ve been nice to see the Lemonheads, but I had a sweet time at the pub.

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