Brendan and Dean

Brendan and Dean
Originally uploaded by Lauree.

had a blast seeing Brendan Benson tonight at the black cat….I thought Brendan and the boys brought the rock and were solid throughout. guitar riffs like crack, and make you want more and more more and more. seriously, I can’t really complain at all. the new album does take a little time to grow, but once you’re there and you get a live show in, the train picks up momentum and you can do nothing but enjoy the ride.

I got to talk with Dean for a bit afterwards which was great. He’s also in The Waxwings who have always been top on my list and part of what I like to call, my “immediate rock n roll family.” It was wonderful to catch up with him and talk about what’s been going on and what lies ahead, etc.

without music, I’d be dead.

I got a great fix tonight and being able to actually talk to people helps in the process of keeping me afloat. Tom and Sherman were there to enjoy the music too and it is indeed nice to have familiar faces both on the stage and in the audience enjoying the show with you.

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