Timothy Ian McArdle

Originally uploaded by Lauree.

This is my nephew Timothy.

He is the main reason that I changed my mind, at the last minute, and drove home in the pre-Thanksgiving traffic this year.

He’s only 6.5 months old now, and still a wee 11.5 lbs or so, hopefully more since I tried to help feed him as much as possible these last few days!

I figured an extra hour or two in traffic is a small sacrifice to see my youngest nephew, who’s been in and out of the hospital a lot in his short life. And between snow and his ongoing medical troubles, we can never tell when they’ll all be able to travel from Farmington, NY to Southern NJ next this holiday season.

Even though I probably picked up this cold I now have from him, I had the absolute best time, simply holding him, making him laugh, feeding him his bottle, and putting him to sleep.

My thoughts and prayers are with him every day for him to grow and learn. I’m sure he’ll have tons to teach me, just as all his older siblings and cousins have too!

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