I lost my Claddagh ring!!!!

It’s hard to believe but it appears as though I’ve lost my Claddagh ring that I got in Galway when Laverne and I went to Ireland back in March.

I’ve *almost* lost it a few times, as I am definitely my father’s daughter and play the role of ‘absent minded professor’ ALL too well. But all those times I’ve left it on my dresser or my desk at work or at home and it’s been right where I left it.

However, every so often the ring wouldn’t stay on my finger. It literally would slide off my hand. I figure it probably has something to do with the fact that I take Celebrex daily and it’s an anti-inflammatory which would probably make my hands less swollen.

A few times while searching through my bag or purse it would fall off and I would just leave it there, thinking it was probably better off being there at that time than on my hand where it might fall off anywhere.

Recently, I couldn’t find it until I put my gloves back on (which I don’t wear every day, despite the cold.) and hadn’t realized it caught on the inside of the glove’s ring finger.

sigh…I hope I find it. I can always get another, but the fact that I bought it IN Galway on our trip holds that memory with it.

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