first week in the new apartment!

ok, the apartment is only new to me, because this building is a bit old.

I’ve been in the new place a whole week now and while I still have much to do…It is indeed nice to be in a warm, clean place. I never thought I’d enjoy living alone, but now I’m trying to sort out why it’s taken me so long!

If I can help it, I will live alone until I get married!

initially, I’ve managed to get tv, internet and phone working. the first few days, my computer was on the living room floor. Now it’s a little more settled and I’ve actually been sleeping in my bed in the bedroom. I’ve managed to get A-S of my cd collection unpacked, and now will have to set up my stereo gear. It’s slow going because I must take my time and not do too much or I’ll pay for it in pain and exhaustion.

I had so many great people help me move. IT was a stressful time (when isn’t moving NOT stressful?!) and I hadn’t completed all my packing when moving day came. I just physically couldn’t get it finished. I’m hoping to get back into physical therapy in regards to my car accident injuries soon. On top of that, it’s been discovered I have some auto immune disease related issues. I do hope in the coming months that I will be able to sort all of this health related bullshit out.

in the meantime, I think I’ll read the newspaper and take a break from the unpacking.

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