these new VW commercials

are really S C A R Y!!!

I’m not sure if any of y’all have seen them yet. the ones where the people are all going about their car conversations all non-chalant and whatnot, and then…

BOOOOOOOM! another car slams into them.

let me tell you now. I can’t watch them, last night I saw one of them again and I actually felt the impact.

I guess the accident I was in last year has had more of an impact on me mentally than I thought.

as a result, here’s a friendly reminder:

drive safely, don’t run stop signs and red lights, pay attention to pedestrians and cyclists on the road, and for Fuck’s sake, put the damn phone down!!! use a headset, because the kid who hit me was on his phone dammit. and now both me and my nephew, Shawn still are freaked out about the whole ordeal.

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