jack white was in my dreams last night

now before anyone gets all weird on me it wasn’t a romantic dream. I’m not even a White Stripes fan really, although I am a fan of The Raconteurs!

here’s what happened:

I’m not exactly sure where we were, but I was with some guy and girl, fairly non descript so I don’t know who they were or how to describe them. No matter, I was with a girl and guy who in the dream were close friends of Jack’s. We were going to try and catch a film of some sort (not sure which film), but Jack couldn’t walk in the front door because there was a crowd gathered and no one wanted a mob scene. I haven’t ever been in the vicinity of Jack White so I’m not sure if screaming fans are an issue. In my dream they were.

We picked up Jack from an apartment, a hotel room or something and went to the theatre. We arrived at the back of the theatre and went into a back door and through a warehouse type room and through a kitchen etc. we got into the theatre area and it was empty except for the four of us. the film started and then I woke up.

all morning I was completely baffled as to why the hell I would have a dream about Jack White. I don’t necessarily find him attractive, except maybe in his role in Cold Mountain, which was a pretty crappy movie (that I saw for free!).

as I write this, the back room area we entered the theatre reminded me a bit of the band entrance at Black Cat which I have been in a few times with friends. One of those times was with The Waxwings, who are from Detroit, and Dean Fertita from The Waxwings plays in Brendan Benson’s band and also has been touring with The Raconteurs (from what I’ve seen so far, on tv, etc). Perhaps that is my connection to Jack White? I did see my Raconteurs’ cd on my coffe table before I went to bed, so maybe that was the instigator of my dream? Maybe I’m just curious as to what Dean has been up to musically. It’s been about a year or so since I saw him on tour with Brendan Benson.

Thus ends how Jack White was in my dreams last night.

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