some catch up posts…

I’m really strapped for cash, but I’ve been fortunate enough to catch some shows by way of guestlist spots, either through the kindness of labels, friends, or the hard working “street team” type stuff.

at any rate, Tres Chicas were fun august 30th but I was really tired. Then I saw the incredible Mark Olson on september 6th. Last Town Chorus opened. only missed the first few songs of Last Town Chorus. I really like Megan’s voice and playing. I want to see her with a full band though, LTC will be back on tour through DC opening for Camera Obscura and The Weakerthans at 9:30.

great set by mark and band. mostly Salvation Blues stuff, but from the jayhawks realm we got “Blue” “over my shoulder” “pray for me” and I think that’s all. I didn’t keep a setlist really, just kind of soaked it all in. all in all there was about 40-50 people in attendance.

I love LOVE Ingunn Ringvold’s voice (she performed in Mark’s band)! she played one of her songs, her page is here:

and in case you need these:

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