Glossary-The Better Angels of Our Nature

if you don’t already know about this band, you should! Now is a great time to introduce yourself to them with their new album! It’s just as incredible as their others. And this one is FREE!!!!!!!!!!

you MUST check this out, download it, listen to it, LOVE it!!!

from the Glossary myspace bulletin:

Finally, Our New Album, “The Better Angels Of Our Nature” will be available for FREE download from our website.

Go get it beginning at noon today. Don’t fret If you are not technically savvy like that or you just like to hold stuff. We will be making CD’s that will be available beginning Oct. 23rd. Each run of 200 will be designed by a regional artist or graphic designer. We also plan to make the the new album available on vinyl early 2008. OK thanks, now go download our new record. One last thing, unlike some bands out there, we highly encourage you to make and distribute copies to your friends and family. Spread the good word.

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