AIDS walk Washington

I walked in my first 5K this morning. I ended up walking alone. my group from church consisted of two couples, one couple was running in the 5K race, and it turns out the other couple has the flu and couldn’t make it this morning.

I think it worked out better that I walked alone, I could walk as slow or fast as I wanted. plus I could listen to my ipod. mostly Sarah Borges, Kelly Willis, some Bill Fox for the mellow morning metro ride to the walk festivities and two cow garage on the way home. next time I need to create a specific playlist for this sort of stuff. I did a lot of repeating of some Sarah Borges and Kelly Willis songs. I needed the sassy country twang guitars to keep me going.

I ended up walking it in roughly 45-50 minutes which is pretty quick for me. On the treadmill, I’m lucky if I can do a 20 minute mile. maybe walking outside is much better!

at any rate, I’m exhausted as I didn’t sleep very well mainly because I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up in time. I was supposed to meet up with the running couple after the walk but I couldn’t find them so I just came home. I’ve been lounging ever since, sometimes fading in and out of sleep. I have to stop doing this, wasting the hours of my days off sleeping all day. it’s hard to get on a schedule when work schedule changes though.

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