I used to remember these things or a night at 9:30 club

I got to see the second to last night of Oppenheimer’s tour with They Might Be Giants tonight at 9:30 Club. I kept waffling about whether or not to metro or drive, as it can be a pain to find parking and I’m usually alone walking. Since it’s decided to act like it’s November weather wise and there’s some asshole attacking women walking alone at night from Arlington metro stations, I decided to drive.
Although, somehow I think I’d find the energy and power to kick this guy’s ass if he even thought about touching me as I was walking home from the metro.

miraculously, I found a spot to park on V Street within the block of the 9:30 club. a huge line was outside to get in, but it moved rather quickly. I managed to meet up with Mike, his sister and her posse of friends. I also managed to chat with Shaun briefly before he had to go on stage.

It’s always fun for me to see others hearing friends’ bands for the first time. even more enjoyable when those people are really into it. a great set per usual. and I find it completely fascinating to see them on the stage of the 9:30 Club, after seeing them at DC9, IOTA, Galaxy Hut and various other small clubs and even Lisa and Rodney’s house for the pool party!!

I was trying to remember the last show I saw at 9:30 and I can’t….I usually remember these things and even have them written down, but for the life of me I can’t remember. I could do some digging maybe… I can remember seeing The Pogues, Teenage Fanclub, Son Volt, and I can even remember seeing Old 97’s opening for Wilco (before I even lived here)…..(a little spider just crawled on my desk….) but I can’t remember the very last show I went to at the 9:30 Club. and I’m completely baffled by that.

no matter, Oppenheimer had a great set, sold a bunch of merch and I made it through the entire 2 hour set of TMBG. when I went to the first night of the tour back in baltimore in september, I didn’t stay because I was tired, and really didn’t have anyone to talk to since the boys were busy with tour stuff.

I should be sleeping…work comes early. but I somehow managed to score a parking spot close to my building which is unheard of at 1:45 in the morning!! It really is the little things in life that make me happy…like driving home with the ipod on shuffle (through my car stereo) singing along at the top of my lungs!!

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