sxsw 2008

ok, once again I’m going to try and get to sxsw.

I haven’t been to Austin/SXSW since 1995!! I know it’s changed a ton. I haven’t booked a flight…yet….but I’m *this* close to doing so….

I think I’m just going to go, and do it on the low budget version, no badge, no wristband and see what I see if I can see it. y’know, let the journey decide what’s going to happen. unless, I win the lottery…then forget the budget!

it does make me wish I still had more record label connections. I miss the old days!

2 thoughts on “sxsw 2008

  1. You should go! I’ve never been… 2008 will be my first time @ SXSW. I’m arriving in Austin a day early (March 11) and leaving a day after it all ends (March 17). Would be great to hang out with you and catch a show or two or ten.

    Rock On!

  2. I’m pretty much a definite for going, just trying to sort out a place to stay. either crashing someone’s house or someone’s hotel room. I’ve got a few feelers out there.

    I will definitely be going a day early on the 11th, as I know of a few things that go on that day/night and will either leave real late sunday or sometime on Monday.

    is shannon going too?!

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