hard to believe it’s been a year…

a year ago, my grandmother passed away…

last december was probably the hardest december in my life. even though it’s been a year, every time I see a tv show or film showing someone in a hospital dying, it hits me. I’m glad I was there and got to spend that time with her. I don’t even know if she really knew I was there. I miss her.

this is one of the favorite photos I found in her stash of photos:
Grandmom, Great Aunt Bobbie, and Dad 1964

that’s her on the left, I love her expression. this was well before I was born. she’s with her sister, Hannah (aka my great Aunt Bobbie), and my Dad, in 1964

then there’s this Christmas photo:
Christmas 1973

I’m the baby, and I’m thinking it was Christmas 1973

anyway, even though I know she lived a long long life, it makes holidays a little bit hard, but I’ll get to go home next weekend and spend time with my parents and my siblings and their families.

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