R.E.M. accelerate

Today is the release day of Accelerate and I’ve been enjoying the promotional push. Got myself out of bed early enough to watch the Today show (although I Tivo’d it *just* in case)…which wasn’t that hard to do since I needed to get up in time for the fan club pre-sale of the first round of North American dates.

I was going to try and go to more than one show and I still might, but right now, I just got two tickets to the local DC show (technically it’s Columbia, MD). Not sure who’s going with me yet, but I got center 6th row.

I’ve been listening to the album quite a bit today and lately and I also finally listened to the NPR stream of the SXSW show at Stubb’s. Great stuff and it sounds like the guys are having a blast.

So far, I think “Man-sized Wreath” is the song that is getting the most spins. Of course, “Supernatural Superserious” has had the most since I’ve had that song the longest!

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