back on the radio Sunday April 13, 2008!

It’s been at least 8 years since I last stepped foot into the studios
of WLFR at Stockton College in NJ, probably much longer. It seems strange to say that, since I spent almost every day there when I was in college.

I was already planning on heading home to NJ to visit my family and help celebrate one of my nephew’s birthdays, and now I get to do a radio show!

I’ve always kept in touch with my friends still there.
there’s a slot open this Sunday from 4-6pm and it’s all mine!
the local signal, 91.7FM isn’t quite the 30 mile radius it used to be, but they’ve got a web stream:

it says real player or windows media only, but I opened it up in
itunes just fine.

Lauree on the radio
4-6pm EDT Sunday April 13, 2008

2 hours of me playing some of my favorite songs of now and then. I was on air from about 1992-1999/2000 or so. I graduated in 1995, but kept spinning regularly and filling in for a while after that. My show for most of that time was called The Music Asylum, so I’m going with that for Sunday!

The web stream supports up to 130 listeners, the record amount at one time so far is 108, and I want to try and at least match that, if not surpass it!

tune in on Sunday to hear what incredible tunes I’ll spin for you!

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