The Music Asylum 4/13/08 playlist

While Sunday’s show didn’t quite go as smoothly as I had hoped, it has been 8 years since I last did a show so I had to shake the rust off a bit and get used to the changes in the studio.

at any rate, Bob Portella gave me a cd copy of my show so I was able to listen in to see how bad it sounded!! I listened to it on my drive back to VA today, which was helpful to keep me alert. I ended up going back out to the studio to hang out with Paul Glaser and Bob during their radio shows and got back to my parents’ house AFTER 2am this morning!!!

I hope to do another fill in show soon and wish I could do a show on a regular basis, but will have to settle for fill ins here and there for now. I didn’t get to play nearly everything I wanted to, but here’s the list:

archers of loaf-web in front
glossary-nothing can hurt you now
the magnolias-east coast, west coast girl
reigning sound-time bomb high school
sleepyhead-what’s gonna set you free
aerialist-spoken for
dead beat club-sometimes
bap kennedy-mostly water
bill fox-when I blow
wilco-forget the flowers
ac cotton-all right audrey
endrick brothers-so last night
two cow garage-no shame
ass ponys-dried up
the love scene-a stone to call my own
television-prove it
craig marshall-desperately
the minders-it’s so hard
the tyde-go ask yer dad
dropkick-rings of the tree
cordalene-kissed awake
frightened rabbit-be less rude
cub country-missed the train
the saving graces-giving up the ghost
jason collett-tiny ocean of tears
the belles-liquid breakfast
dropkick-dot the i
the everybodyfields-baby please
Mr. D-island girl
the sneetches-everybody’s talkin’
redlands palomino company-goodbye love

big thanks to Bill Grohs for offering me the open slot and thanks to all who “tuned” in to listen!!!

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