Katie Reider- 500kin365



For over 10 years singer songwriter Katie Reider has inspired the
hearts of thousands with her music and genuine personality. Just as
she was reaching the peak of her career in January of 2006, a tumor
developed in her upper left jaw that progressed into her sinus, skull
base and left eye orbit. Over the course of one year (2007-2008), this
rare tumor has taken away her sight in one eye, her voice and most
importantly, her ability to perform.

500Kin365.org was created with the help of Katie Reider’s loyal fans
to reconnect Katie to her audience while she undergoes treatment.

Start listening to her songs by downloading katie’s Voice (9 original
songs written and performed by katie over the last 10 years) for $1.00
donation to her cause. Help us continue to spread Katie Reider’s music
over the next year by linking ONE more to 500Kin365.org.

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