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I”d give anything to be in Glasgow this weekend…even if I had an extremely wealthy boyfriend, access to a private jet and tickets to these shows, I wouldn’t be able to go unless I quit my job….of course, if I had the above mentioned, perhaps I wouldn’t necessarily need to work…

TEENAGE FANCLUB – “Electric Chestnuts”

Sat 14 June – 8pm. Doors 7pm
From their pre-grunge debut ‘A Catholic Education’ and the punkadelic
1991 classic ‘Bandwagonesque’ to the sparser, folkier feel of their
most recent work, Teenage Fanclub have sustained both their core
identity and a devoted fanbase thanks to the central songwriting
triumvirate of Norman Blake, Raymond McGinley, and Gerard Love.
Inspired by such classic outfits like the Byrds, the Beach Boys, Big
Star and Badfinger, the band have honed their skills at crafting
sharply of-the-moment songs awash with vintage chiming guitars,
soaring tunes and lush vocal harmonies, earning the accolade from a
certain Liam Gallagher of being ‘the second best band in the world.’
The band has latterly seen them likened to a contemporary Scottish
Crosby, Stills and Nash, with their latest album, 2005’s ‘Man-Made’,
aligning radiant songcraft with the subtly quirky production of
Tortoise’s John McEntire.
Sorry, sold out!

TEENAGE FANCLUB – “Acoustic Chestnuts”

Sun 15 June 8pm, doors 7pm
A second night of excellent music-making from one of the finest bands
Glasgow ever produced playing a special three-night residency to kick
off the 2008 West End Festival. Last night – “Electric Chestnuts”.
Tonight – “Acoustic Chestnuts”; tomorrow “Live Obscurities”.
Different support act each night.
Sorry – sold out!

TEENAGE FANCLUB – “Live Obscurities”

Mon 16 June Doors 7pm
Third and final night from the Fanclub in this special festival
three-nighter. Tonight: “Live Obscurities”. See Sat 14 June for
full write up. Different support each night.
Sorry – sold out!

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