halted by summer sickness…

I had a good number of things I wanted to post about to catch up on, but alas, it will have to wait.
Since Sunday, when I was home in NJ for Abbie’s 13th birthday (hard to believe it’s been that long), I’ve been trying my hardest to fight off whatever was taking hold of me.

well, I’ve failed.
the doctor told me yesterday that she didn’t think I had bronchitis, yet. I suffered from chronic bronchitis as a kid and I know when it’s moving on to that. And since willing myself to not be sick combined with massive amounts of emergen-c wasn’t working, I am now on antibiotic, decongestant, cold medicine and moved on to tissues with the lotion. I think I’ve gone through a box of tissues, plus and 2 packets of cough drops.

I hate being sick in summer.

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