The Feelies have now played THREE shows at Maxwell’s this week….

…leading up to their opening slot for Sonic Youth on Friday.

I totally dropped the ball on getting to any of these shows. My slight consolation is that I got to see Wake Ooloo numerous times when Noise Museum opened for them. I got to hear Glenn and Dave play Feelies’ songs then. I got to make veggie burgers on the grill for Glenn at the Lakeside center at Stockton when they played there. I even had the privilege to attend a party at Glenn’s house in Haledon, NJ where I believe most of The Feelies members were there, but did not play instruments all at the same time. It was definitely one of my most surreal moments in my life. And that was before I discovered I loved the taste of beer. I didn’t start consuming, really, until after college.

Maybe that eased the pain of not getting to see any of the shows this week.

um, NO it doesn’t!!!!

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