busy busy busy

I’ve been in a whirlwind of being on the go the last week or two….I’m exhausted and haven’t really caught up on anything, but all the fury that is my life at the moment is very good, except the fact that I’m in pain every single waking moment. My health is still a struggle, but I’m working on it.

We had the Alliance for Community Media conference here in DC last week. It’s a great annual conference that helps renew our passion and purpose for the work we do in community access centers around the country and ultimately around the world. It’s great to see familiar faces I’ve become friends with over the years, and meet new people too. Having the conference in my “hometown” provides some challenges as you don’t quite get to participate in the after parties that go well into the night.

We’ve got a lot of great things happening at Arlington Independent Media as well and as a result, I will continue to be busy throughout the rest of the summer well into September.

will try to get back to regular posting…

in the meantime, I also managed a last minute visit home to NJ to visit my family since we were ALL going to be there (with the exception of my niece, Chelsey) at my brother’s house.

I took a video of Daisy, my brother’s English retriever swimming in the pool:

Daisy at the Pool from bluflower on Vimeo.

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