file in the feeling old category…

21 years ago, my best friend, Brenda, gave birth to her oldest daughter, Ashley….July 22, 1987

I’d been 15 for 22 days.

I love Ashley as my own and am so proud of her.

I have a few classic photos up on my flickr:
it was 20 years ago today!

here she is on skates with Brenda, I’m guessing she’s about a year old here, so 1988. I took this with a Kodak disc camera:

Ashley on skates sometime in 1988

here she is in my sister’s wedding, with my nephew Andrew…I’m actually at the back of the church since I was Maid of Honor:


here we are at her high school graduation, Both Brenda and I were crying as soon as the ceremony started…..June 20, 2005

aunt lauree and ashley

I have some more from her younger years that I’ll have to scan in…but I need to get myself to sleep. first night back in my own bed, since I was pet sitting since last Thursday. I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon and it was absolutely amazing!!

oh and here’s a picture of Me and Brenda at our 8th grade graduation, June 1986:

8th grade graduation: brenda & lauree

oh and one more:

here she is, not quite yet 13, July 1, 2000 when I had her selling merch for my friends, The John Faye Power Trip at the Ocean City Music Pier in NJ. I taught her so well that without my being by her side, she sold them over $200 in merch, kept record of each sale and had all the money in order and facing the same way!! I was so proud!

Ashley with the John Faye Power Trip

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