The Very Most

To this day, I still defend myspace to my friends and colleagues who feel it’s not worth the time. The interface can get a bit annoying but I’ve never had trouble with it.

I am constantly adding new bands and many times, the bands who contact me to add them understand my music tastes. I’m pretty open to all genres and I do listen to every single band’s music that sends a request, but some just don’t always make the cut.

I’m sure I would have found out about them eventually, but the other day, I had a friend request from The Very Most. A band from Boise, Idaho that almost screams “we should be in your music library Lauree” They definitely made the cut!! Hell, I only needed to hear 20 seconds of the first song playing on their page to add ’em.

The Very Most on myspace

The Very Most website

they just released their second album on Coming in Second Records
Coming in Second Records

here’s a video for Spilt, Spilt Milk

At the very least (pun totally not intended…but amuses me…), myspace allows me to reach out and connect to bands I may never get to see live.

I can’t even begin to list all the UK (especially Scottish) bands I’ve connected to via myspace who probably think I’m a nut. Some of those bands have since broken up and gone on to other projects, so without myspace, I probably would have never heard the music!!

I may no longer sit for hours and hours a week at WLFR like I did back in college, but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my “kid in the candy store” approach to getting to hear new (or new to me) music! Myspace helps with the addiction.

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