revisiting The Waxwings….

Recent events have me going back to The Waxwings…there’s a lot to say in the few years I got to see and know them. One way to describe my love affair with their music is the whole “kid in a candy store” effect. music is my drug. and The Waxwings are a high for me.

It’s hard for me to pick just one song that I like most. Right now, I’m listening to Firewood and I remember when they played in live in the studio at WJSE (a job I hated for the most part, except for the time The Waxwings played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City, with other friends, The John Faye Power Trip aka IKE….an idea *I* suggested) and I got to take them all to McGuire’s afterward. And the only reason I couldn’t take The Waxwings home to my house for a rock n roll slumber party, was that my parent’s house only had room for one band not two!

At any rate, I often wonder what the boys are up to. I know Dean has been touring with Brendan Benson’s band, then The Ranconteurs, and as far as I know, he’s still with Queens of the Stone Age.

The Waxwings’ music is timeless despite how many memories I have associated with it. I know not everyone can hear every band from everywhere, but it’s always fun to discover and rediscover music no matter where or when it’s from. when I was younger, I remember having to send for stuff overseas and really having to dig for music across the miles. The power of the internet has changed that dramatically. If you give me the chance, I will indeed tell you how amazing it is that I can connect with bands from all over the world, simply through myspace or facebook or bebo or podcasts or whatever. None of this stuff really existed when The Waxwings were really getting out there and releasing records. Hell, I wrote them a hand written letter telling them how much I loved their album. I used to do that all the time. I still do to some degree. It sounds corny but anyone who’s working their ass off creating something or doing something, no matter who they are can appreciate a quick acknowledgment of what it is they’re doing. I don’t do it because I want something, or to be recognized, or for my own acknowledgment. I do it because it’s genuinely how I feel.

you can find more about The Waxwings in the following places:
the waxwings website
The Waxwings wiki

here they are at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlantic City, NJ

waxwings HR 6

and at the Velvet Lounge in DC

The Waxwings

I just found these videos on youtube:

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