The See See

In the time since I posted about The Waxwings, I discovered that Kevin (used to play bass and sing backing vocals in The Waxwings) is now in London based band, The See See!

check them out here:
The See See on myspace

They appeal to the psychedelic pop sound I love. definitely fits in with Paisley Pop, Rainbow Quartz.

I could see them touring with The High Dials. oh, and don’t get me started about the time I saw The Sea Beggars in Montreal. Trevor from The High Dials used to be in the Sea Beggars…it involves a 10 year gap of time and me being silly and sending messages to people I’ve only spent one night hanging out with and thus having to discuss my uncanny ability to remember entirely TOO much. my memory is a bit insane, only in that I have such a good memory, sometimes TOO good.

have I mentioned that my earliest memory is getting a bath in the kitchen sink? I was about 6-8 months old….perhaps that’s another post for a later time.

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