WLFR playlist April 13, 2009

I’ve really been missing my time at WLFR lately and I was anxious to do another show. In a weird coincidence, it had been just a year since I did the last one.

I was going home to NJ for Easter, which also happened to be my nephew, Josh’s birthday.
Originally, I was supposed to do the show Sunday afternoon, but just before I left my parent’s house for the studio, I checked the stream online, and heard dance music. I knew that the DJ on at that time had a Grateful Dead show, so I knew something was awry.

I was leaving the macbook home so I could record the stream, since the college only allows students and faculty to log on to the wireless. I emailed Bill, one of the station managers my phone number and said I was thinking that no one was in the studio and it was on automation, but I was going off to campus to hope for the best.

Unfortunately, the campus was completely empty, and almost deserted. I was able to get into one building, but no where near the studio, plus even if I could get to where the studio is, I’d need an electronic card to swipe at the door to unlock it. Luckily, I spread the word as best I could to let everyone know there was a possibility I’d not be on…sigh.

The entire campus was locked up for the holiday, but the campus police never informed any of the WLFR managers.

Fortunately, I could go on to do a show the next afternoon, exactly a year to the date I did the last fill in show in 2008! too funny! Unfortunately, I set the computer to record the stream at the wrong time and didn’t get any recording of the show. If anyone does have a recording, I’d love to get it from you!

Here’s what I played, and I had an absolute blast playing it!

The Music Asylum April 13 2009 on WLFR:

The Feelies-Let’s Go
Joe Strummer-Johnny Appleseed
Jenny Doveson-I Will Think of it All
Blind Pilot-Go On, Say It
The Swimmers-Heaven
Crocodile-August is Over
Surefire Broadcast-Hey Baby!
Make Model-The Was
Oppenheimer-Only Goal & Winner
Marah-Point Breeze
The Heavenly States-Lost in the Light
The Clean-Someone
Running with Horses-Over Before it Ended
The Love Language-Lalita
I’m from Barcelona-Oversleeping
Marching Band-For Your Love
Frank Turner-Reasons Not to be an Idiot
Attic Lights-Walkie Talkie
The Primary 5-What Am I Supposed to Do?
Uncle Tupelo-Give Back the Key to my Heart
Have Gun, Will Travel-Come All Ye Sinners
Lamont Skylark-Daisy
Two Cow Garage-Skinny Legged Girl
Ike Reilly Assassination-Garbage Day
The Minders-It’s So Hard
The Underclass-Tomorrow is Now
Camera Obscura-I Need All the Friends I Can Get
Mojave 3-Running with Your Eyes Closed
Teenage Fanclub-Ain’t That Enough
The Jam-That’s Entertainment
Swivel Chairs-And Smile

Two hours goes by real quick in radio, especially when you only get to do a show once a year. I hope to do more this year, but a lot depends on when I can get home to NJ. Community & college radio in Northern VA & DC is lacking, at least for community members. I out to a local college here in MD, as they had an open house for DJs. It was highly disorganized and I couldn’t be bothered to wait in line. I left it for the kids to fight for air time.

WLFR turns 25 this October, and hopefully, I can play a role in helping that celebration. I’ll have to dig up all my old “stuff” I have from my time at WLFR.

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to get back in the studio real soon!

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