I first heard about The Waxwings from Jeremy. I fell in love with Low to the Ground and immediately wrote the band a letter. at the time, they didn’t have anything online, but they had a Detroit P.O. Box, so I did what I used to do before the internet, I wrote them a letter saying hello, telling them I liked the record and if they ever wanted to play a show in Atlantic City, I could set them up with a show at McGuire’s.

I drove myself, Jeremy & Scott up to Khyber to see them. Unfortunately, the first band didn’t show up so The Waxwings had to go on early. As a result, we missed most of their set, except three songs. I remember blushing when I said we drove up from AC. Immediately, they knew who I was by name. perhaps they didn’t get many letters?! 🙂

In the Summer of 2000, I found myself working for a commercial alternative radio station. We started a concert series at Hard Rock Cafe and on the first night, I noticed one of the guys from our station holding Low to the Ground. He seemed baffled that I knew who they were. (my musical taste was well above and beyond a good number of people I worked with there, but it was a temporary escape from retail) At any rate, the station was apparently looking to bring them in to play a show. I suggested they play with John Faye Power Trip (now IKE) and a few weeks later it happened!

i still remember when I first heard “Ten O’Clock Your Time” on the station. I was sitting at my parent’s dinner table, having a spaghetti dinner and I practically spit out my food I was in shock.

At any rate, over the years, I’ve watched them release two more records, go through some turbulent times and was able to give them a place to sleep a couple times. When Dean was touring with Brendan Benson, I got to say a quick hello at the Black Cat, but that’s pretty much the last time I’ve spoken with him.

Seemingly, ages ago, a friend of a friend is his manager and I was given the privilege of an advance of the Hello=Fire album. I loved it within the first 10 seconds! I’ve been listening to it off and on, using alternate tags for it since I have last.fm linked, and have been dying for others to listen to it. I take the privilege of advance copies of albums seriously and while I really wanted everyone to hear it as soon as I did, I wasn’t about to spill it. That hasn’t stopped me from raving about it and wondering aloud when the hell it’s being released though!

the wait is over.

It’s being released next week. So far it looks like a UK release only. I haven’t been able to find any further information, but as soon as I do, I’ll be spreading it like wildfire!

And try as I might, Dead Weather isn’t my cuppa. Yes, I’ve watched late night show appearances and bought the record, but more out of support for Dean than anything else!

listen & watch the video, but that’s only a little bit of a taste of the goodness on this record!

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